"What I long for is the perfect battle."
Netero. 110. 12th Chairman of the Hunters Association. Slightly Insane. Dead. idk i'm strong lol. If you're weak fuck off. If you're strong we should totally fight. I'll slap you to death with my buddha hands.
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netero was hot wtf


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rindiculous said: Hey!!! I got my stuff last week and I'm really really thankful to you! I'm sorry I just got back to you now but I've been extremely busy with school and work lately however I'll make sure to make a post thanking you sometime tomorrow! ♡♡♡

alright!  Cool Glad u got it!

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guess what just came in the mail!!!!!!!


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psst did u peeps get it yet im worried since I don’t have tracking for ur packages

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"I am not alone. Don’t underestimate the human race, Meruem. Meruem… that is your name. Meruem, king of ants, you understand nothing… of humanity’s infinite potential for evolution! If there’s a hell, I’ll see you there."

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PSA: For the Respect of the Artist's will


AdminS: Hi everyone!

This is about the Pixiv artist: うき草

They don’t agree for people to share their work on any website, they don’t want their artworks to be posted by anyone but themselves and on their own galleries. So we are asking you, please stop posting/sharing…

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Isaac Netero - The 12th chairman