"What I long for is the perfect battle."
Netero. 110. 12th Chairman of the Hunters Association. Slightly Insane. Dead. idk i'm strong lol. If you're weak fuck off. If you're strong we should totally fight. I'll slap you to death with my buddha hands.
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English subs for Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission


while waiting for more professional subs, i made my own - neither english or japanese is my native language so there may be minor mistakes here and there (not to mention that this is the only thing i’ve ever subbed along with phantom rouge a year ago), but if you’re fine with that, feel free to…

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vloem said: I'm reading the description to your blog and I just read the part about slapping to death with your Buddha hands and I'm in tears, consider yourself followed for life

haha! thank u thank u
That’s my favourite line netero never said! :)

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Isaac Netero in The Last Mission

For Meitero~

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blinddoglee answered to your post “Is the torrent working????????”

Thanks for the torrent! I am downloading it now, though the expected wait says it will be three days. I will try to seed it when done.

hahaha good I know a few people who have finished download.

Don’t lose hope!

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TLM Torrent


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Is the torrent working????????

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andsunnydays said: Aw shucks, I missed both streams. How would you rate the movie tho? Better than phantom rouge?

Waaaaay better than Phantom Rouge! Netero was totally great! Ahhh

It’s not a really great movie but hxh fans will def enjoy it!

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ended the chat abruptly I’m sorry

i want to add ppl on my main tumblr tho if u don’t mind 

Could I have ur usernames?