"What I long for is the perfect battle."
Netero. 110. 12th Chairman of the Hunters Association. Slightly Insane. Dead. idk i'm strong lol. If you're weak fuck off. If you're strong we should totally fight. I'll slap you to death with my buddha hands.

Hunter x hunter Manga Inspires 2nd film

A special teaser after the ending credits of the Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge film announced on Saturday that production on a second film has been green-lit. The teaser featured Netero, the chairperson of the Hunters Association, in front of a backdrop of a dimly lit street with a tall tower similar to the Heavens Arena. No further details about the second film were made public. The first film’s advance screenings did not have this teaser; it was only added to the film on its official opening day.

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